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article icon August 2011 •
SCDOT Photographs - Properties in the Right-of-Way

B&W photographs of buildings and other properties located in Charleston County that were destroyed, relocated, or otherwise modified because they were in the right-of-way of where roads were being constructed or widened. Building types include houses, apartment buildings, freedmanís cottages, and other dwellings including mobile homes; commercial and industrial buildings; churches; schools; gas stations; restaurants; grocery stores and corner markets; and garages, sheds, outhouses, and other outbuildings. Roads include Interstate 26 (I-26), Route 171 (Folly Road/St. Andrews Boulevard), Route 17 (a portion of which is known as Savannah Highway), State Road 894 (Azalea Drive), State Road 31 (Reynolds Avenue), and State Road 13 (Remount Road). It is notable that some photographs in the U.S. Route 17 and I-26 groups show the area affected by the construction of the Crosstown and the Silas Pearman Bridge (a/k/a Cooper River Bridge).

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