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article icon November 2009 •
Heyward and Ferguson family papers, 1806-1923

The Heyward and Ferguson family papers consist of over 1400 pages of family and business correspondence, plantation records, slave lists, military and legal documents and Civil War letters of the Heyward and Ferguson families on the Combahee, Savannah and the Cooper Rivers in the Low Country near Charleston, South Carolina.

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article icon October 2010 •
Holloway Family Scrapbook, 1806-1974

This disbound scrapbook contains legal documents, personal and business correspondence, receipts, ephemera, clippings and photographs pertaining to the Holloway family, a prominent free family of color in Charleston, SC. Legal documents include deeds, conveyances, slave bills of sale, contracts and a photograph of a 1797 document declaring patriarch Richard Holliday (Holloway) a free mulatto. Personal and business correspondence include letters concerning the hiring out of slaves, an offer to buy Holloway Negroes, a letter from Samuel Benedict about emigrating to Liberia, and information about the Brown Fellowship Society, the Century Fellowship Society, the Minors Moralist Society and the Bonneau Literary Society. Also included are invitations, Confederate tax receipts and Confederate scrip, and articles and letters concerning Negro taxes, Negro slaveholders, the Liberia movement, the Methodist Episcopal Church and related topics.

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article icon November 2009 •
Holocaust Archives Project

These haunting images from the Jewish Heritage Collection at the College of Charleston tell the personal stories of survivors and one liberator who witnessed the horrors of the Holocaust.

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