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College of Charleston Artwork Collections

These digital images highlight some of the artwork found in the collections of the College of Charleston's Special Collections Department. Current collections include paintings by William Halsey and Corrie McCallum, sketchbooks by Charleston architect Albert Simons, artwork by the Middleton Family, and photographs by William Henry Jackson. The Albert Simons collection includes color and pencil sketches made during Simons' trips abroad from 1912-1919, including during his service in WWI, and reflect his interest in European art and architecture. Some landscapes of the Clemson, South Carolina area are included, as well as a few of Charleston. Additionally, there are several architectural drawings from Simmons' longtime collaboration with Samuel Lapham. The Middleton Family Art collection is a ten-set collection containing 37 items of measured drawings, ink sketches, pencil drawings and watercolors representing several generations of the Middleton family of South Carolina from 1803-1867. The William Henry Jackson Photograph collection includes photographs taken by Jackson in partnership with the Detroit Photographic Company. The majority of the images in this collection are landscapes of Colorado, Montana and New York State, particularly in Yellowstone National Park and the Adirondack region. Some images are architectural, including one of the Miles Brewton House (Pringle House), Charleston, S.C. All images are approximately 18x23 cm and were created through what Jackson described as a "photo-lithographic process for reproducing pictures in color."