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Blood Pressure Determi... (3)
Blood Pressure Determi... (3)
Blood Pressure Determi... (3)
Blood Pressure Determi... (3)
Blood Pressure (3)

20th C (2)
Unknown (1)

Tycos-taylor Instrumen... (1)
W a Baum Company, Inc... (1)
Germany (1)

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Waring Historical Library Artifact Collection

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Blood Pressure Cuff
Blood Pressure Cuff 3x7x7". Blood pressure determination:Manometer. Blood pressure cuff made of steel with a plastic cover over the dial with rubber cords and bulb intact and attached to a green canvas fabric that can be attached to the arm with velcro.
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Baumanometer 1.75x14x4". Blood pressure determination:Manometer. Baumanometer. an instrument to measure blood pressure. made of plastic. metal. rubber and glass. housed in oval shapped metal box with release button on the side.
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Farbstad Haemometer
Farbstad Haemometer 1.5x6.5x3.25". Blood cell count:Hemacytometer. Farbstab-Haemometer. device used to measure blood pressure. made of plastic and glass with paper instructions included. housed in red leather covered wood case with red velvet interior.