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Charleston Museum Civil War Photographs

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the Battery
the Battery Caption: 'War Views. No.176. Cheeves' Point Battery, Charleston.' This appears to be a view of the Battery at White Point Gardens. The label which identifies this as Cheeves' (sic) Point Battery is in error. Cheves Battery was located on James Island near what is now Ft. Johnson Estates. This is a stereograph image which measures 3 1/2" X 7".
Fort Sumter
Fort Sumter Seven men sit among rubble and cannon. Most of the men appear to be in a military uniform - likely Confederate. Fort is, at least, two-stories with regular arched openings. [Appears to be Fort Sumter after the Federal surrender in April 1861.] This is a stereograph image which measures 3 1/2" X 7".
Fort Sumter
Fort Sumter Image of the wall at Fort Sumter showing cannons, two men in uniform and another in a top hat. Taken April 15, 1861 [directly after the Federal surrender of the Fort to Confederate forces]. This is a mounted image that measures 7 1/2" X 91/2" overall.
Fort Sumter
Fort Sumter Handwritten at bottom, front: 'Terreplain of the Gorge--showing the guns in barbette. Fort Sumter, April 15th, 1861.' Photograph shows men in uniform sitting and standing around cannons. Two men in dark suits with top hats stand to the far left. Soldier to the left holds a tattered flag. Solder to the right stands on a cannon and holds a rifle in his hand. Evidence of bombardment, note the brick and rubble underfoot. This is a mounted image that measures 9" X 7 1/4" overall.
Charleston Harbor
Charleston Harbor Hand-tinted photograph measuring 9" X 7 1/4" that depicts the bombardment of Fort Sumter, April 12th, 1861. Shown in the image: Floating Battery, Fort Moultrie, Fort Sumter, Fort Johnson, Gunboat Lady Dora and William Seabrook.
Arsenal Caption: 'War Views. No.198. A group of relics in Charleston Arsenal, Charleston.' Date assumed to be 1865. This is a stereograph image which measures 3 1/2" X 7".