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Charleston Museum Illustrated Newspapers Collection

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Harper's Weekly
Harper's Weekly Main caption: 'Incidents of the Earthquake at Charleston.--drawn by Schell and Hogan.--[see page 590.]' Caption top left: 'In front of the Charleston Hotel.' Caption top right: 'looking over the roofs.' Caption middle: 'A camp on the East Battery.' Caption bottom left: 'The front wall gone.' Caption bottom center: 'In a rich man's garden.' Caption bottom right: ' On the track.' [full date September 11, 1886.]
Frank Leslie's
Frank Leslie's Caption: 'General McGowan addressing the Abbeville Volunteers in front of the Charleston Hotel--from a sketch by our Special Artist now in Charleston.' [full date February 23, 1861.]
Frank Leslie's
Frank Leslie's Main caption: 'The present appearance of Charleston, S.C., showing the effects of the Federal bombardment.--from recent sketches by our special artist.' Caption top left: 'Nos.165, 167 and 169 Meeting Street, Charleston, S.C.' Caption top right: 'East Bay Street, looking south.' Caption middle left: 'Kitchen attached to 53 Wentworth Street--effect of two shells.' Caption middle right: 'Gentleman's ordinary, Charleston Hotel.' Caption bottom: 'Vendue Range.' [full date March 25, 1865.]
Gleason's Pictorial Drawing-Room Companion
Gleason's Pictorial Drawing-Room Companion Caption: 'The Mills House, Charleston, South Carolina.'
Harper's History of the Great Rebellion
Harper's History of the Great Rebellion [Color image.] Caption: 'Charleston and its environs. 1. Charleston and Savannah Railroad.-- 2. Ashley River.-- 3. Charleston.-- 4. Cooper River.-- 5. Wando River.-- 6. Castle Pinckney.-- 7. Fort Ripley.-- 8.Fort Johnson (James Island).-- 9. Stono River.--10.Fort Sumter.-- 11. Fort Moultrie.-- 12.Battery Gregg (Cumming's Point).-- 13.Fort Wagner.-- 14.General Gillmore's Advanced Batteries.-- 15.Captured Works (Morris's Island).-- 16. Light-house Inlet.-- 17.Union Battery (Folly Island).-- 18. Iron-clads and Wooden Ships.--19. Hotels.-- 20.Sullivan's island and Rebel Batteries.-- 21.Moultrieville.--22. Mt Pleasant.-- 23.Breach Inlet.-- 24. Shem Creek.-- 0,0.Rebel Batteries on James Island.' [full date July, 1863]
L'Illustration, Journal Universal
L'Illustration, Journal Universal [Color image.] Caption (in French): 'Evenements des Etats-Unis: Charleston et ses fortifications. [Events of the United States: Charleston and its fortifications.] 1--Charleston. 2--Riviere Ashley [Ashley River]. 3--Chemin de fer de Savannah [Savannah Railway]. 4--Riviere Cooper [Cooper River]. 5--Riviere Wando [Wando River]. 6--Fort Pinkney [Castle Pinckney]. 7--Fort Ripley. 8--Fort Johnson (ile James) [James Island]. 9--Riviere Stone [Stono River]. 10--Fort Sumter. 11--Fort Moultrie. 12--Batterie Gregg (pointe de Gumming) [Battery Gregg (Cummings Point)]. 13--Fort Wagner. 14--Batteries rasantes du general Gilmore [grazed batteries of General Gilmore]. 15--Ouvrages pris par les federaux. [Works undertaken by the Federals]. 16--Phare Inlet [Lighthouse inlet]. 17--Batteries federales (ile Folly) [Federal Batteries (Folly Island)]. 18--Canonnieres et vaisseaux cuirasses [gunboats and ironclads]. 19--Hotel. 20--Ile et batteries Sullivan [Sullivan Island and Batteries]. 21--Moultrie. 22--Mont Pleasant [Mount Pleasant]. 23--Breach Inlet. 24--Shem Creek. 25--Batteries construite par les confederes sur l'ile James, dans le voisinage du fort Johnson [Batteries built by the Confederates on James Island, in the vicinity of Fort Johnson].
Frank Leslie's
Frank Leslie's Caption: 'South Carolina.--The recent earthquakes at Charleston--typical scenes of the calamity. From sketches by C. Upham--see page 71. 1. Scene on the stairway of the Charleston Hotel during a shock. 2. Taking down St. Philip's Steeple. 3. Scene on Marion Square, opposite the Citadel--a city of tents.' [full date September 18, 1886.]