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Avery Research Center Artifact Collection

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Carved wooden figure
Carved wooden figure Highly stylized wooden elephant with large, round body, short limbs, one tusk, trunk down.
Ritual stick
Ritual stick Twisted wooden stick considered ritually powerful because of charm.
Fly wrist
Fly wrist Ritual fly wrist used by doctors; long wooden handle with some type of hair attached; purchased from Turkana (Kenya).
Pipe Dark clay pipe with design engraved around bowl; origin Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly Zaire), Mbuti people.
Ritual stick
Ritual stick A basket tree stick used as a ritual status symbol, origin Epulu region of the Ituri rainforest.
Ritual stick
Ritual stick Intricately woven basket tree stick used as a ritual symbol.
Ritual stick
Ritual stick Ritual staff of office; wood is divided into intricately carved and decorated sections.
Ritual stick
Ritual stick Wooden stick carved at ends.
Wooden mask
Wooden mask Wooden mask with carved mouth and nose and holes for eyes; holes carved on cheeks, nose, forehead, and perimeter of face and inserted into holes are orange and red beads; beard of beads also attached; handles carved into back to hold the mask; origin is Africa, specific region unknown.
Wooden container
Wooden container Wooden container or pot that appears to be a mortar; unknown origin.
Clay pot
Clay pot Pottery pot with a narrow neck, shallow grooves decorate front and back, sides decorated with scalloped-type pieces that were added on, reddish-brown in color; unknown origin.
Metal blade
Metal blade Metal blade, crudely finished; S-shaped curved design with a pointed finish, possibly to stick into the ground; unknown origin.
Pipe Clay pipe with long wooden stem; design engraved around bowl, copper coiled around end of stem; origin Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly Zaire), Mbuti people.
Straw basket
Straw basket Straw basket in two pieces connected by a rope, decorated in light and dark bands; unknown origin.
Straw trivet
Straw trivet Orange and natural colored woven round, flat straw object resembling a trivet; no decoration on bottom; possible origin Uganda (weaving pattern resembles objects from Uganda).
Metal object
Metal object Long metal object, pointed at the end of an elongated cone shape; unknown origin.
Bundle of arrows
Bundle of arrows Bundle of wooden arrows wrapped with a piece of raffia, seven with metal tips, fourteen in all; end of one is notched with traces of poison; origin Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly Zaire), Mbuti people.
Tapa mat
Tapa mat Tapa mat from the Marquesas Islands, collected by Joseph Towles; design on one side in black ink or paint.
Pipe fragment
Pipe fragment Piece of a pipe, appears to be the stem, with detailing; unknown origin.
Wooden stool
Wooden stool Wooden, three-legged stool that appears to have been carved from one piece of wood; origin Ik people of Uganda.