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Avery Research Center Artifact Collection

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Ebony elephant carving
Ebony elephant carving Ebony elephant with white wooden tusks and eyes; possible origin is South Eastern Africa.
Rectangular wooden gong
Rectangular wooden gong Rectangular gong; two pieces of wood fastened together with a glue-like substance; opening on one side, wood bows out on front and back, and top and bottom edges are jagged; origin Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mbo people.
Ebony elephant carving
Ebony elephant carving Ebony elephant with white wooden tusks, eyes, and toes; possible origin is South Eastern Africa.
Brass figure
Brass figure Brass figurine of the Hindu goddess Durga standing on decorated platform.
Brass wick holder
Brass wick holder Hindu wick holder for a butter lamp; one circular holder surrounded by five teardrop-shaped holders, serpent-shaped handle; origin North India.
Copper kettle
Copper kettle Copper kettle with brass parts on lid and handle; origin Morocco.
Brass bucket
Brass bucket Brass pail with handles on each side; origin Berber people of Morocco.
Copper bowl
Copper bowl Copper bowl with Acanthus leaf motif; on a stem with stamp on bottom: 1891800; origin Morocco.
Copper bucket
Copper bucket Copper pail with handle and geometric design engraved around top; origin Morocco.
Kettle Copper and brass kettle with intricately engraved design on lid, top, and sides; knob of lid, ornate handle, and spout brass; origin Morocco.
Brass Kettle
Brass Kettle Brass kettle with handle, damaged base; mark on base: "Marque de Pose"; origin Morocco.
Brass teapot with tray
Brass teapot with tray Brass teapot with handle; design engraved on lid and around belly of pot; rectangular base with four feet and carved designs; with brass tray that has engraved design; origin Morocco.
Carved wooden figure
Carved wooden figure Highly stylized wooden elephant with large, round body, short limbs, one tusk, trunk down.
Bell & Howell tape recorder
Bell & Howell tape recorder Bell & Howell synchronized tape recorder in leather case, for use with black & white camera; personal belonging of Colin Turnbull.
Ritual stick
Ritual stick Twisted wooden stick considered ritually powerful because of charm.
Pipe Dark clay pipe with design engraved around bowl; origin Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly Zaire), Mbuti people.
Ritual stick
Ritual stick A basket tree stick used as a ritual status symbol, origin Epulu region of the Ituri rainforest.
Ritual stick
Ritual stick Ritual staff of office; wood is divided into intricately carved and decorated sections.
Ritual stick
Ritual stick Wooden stick carved at ends.
Wooden mask
Wooden mask Wooden mask with carved mouth and nose and holes for eyes; holes carved on cheeks, nose, forehead, and perimeter of face and inserted into holes are orange and red beads; beard of beads also attached; handles carved into back to hold the mask; origin is Africa, specific region unknown.