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Avery Research Center Artifact Collection

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Wooden Radha statue
Wooden Radha statue Wooden statue of Radha in costume, well-carved, back is plain except for hair; origin Varanasi (Benares).
Brass Krishna statue
Brass Krishna statue Brass statue of Krishna on a square base; origin Varanasi (Benares).
Wooden Krishna statue
Wooden Krishna statue Carved likeness of Krishna on a wood base, plain back; origin Tamil Nadu.
Brass Krishna statue
Brass Krishna statue Brass statue of Krishna crawling as a child; face and head piece highly stylized.
Brass Radha statue
Brass Radha statue Brass statue of Radha, origin Varanasi (Benares).
Female bronze statue
Female bronze statue Bronze statue of a female holding a child. The woman has markings on her skirt and is carrying a basket on her head. Origin Liberia.
Metal figure
Metal figure Early metal statue of figure seated at an alter with a snake next to an urn on a platform; likely Buddhist; origin North India.
Brass figure
Brass figure Brass figurine of the Hindu goddess Durga standing on decorated platform.
Metal figure
Metal figure Early metal figurine of a man standing at the end of a long raised platform; likely Buddhist; origin North India.
Buddha statue
Buddha statue Buddha wearing a garment of gold seated on a gold throne in a meditative position, decorative markings on the bottom; origin unknown.
Buddha statue
Buddha statue Brass figure of seated Buddha, eyes closed, in a meditative position; origin unknown.
Wooden Buddha statue
Wooden Buddha statue Wooden buddha seated in a meditative position.
Siva statue
Siva statue From Colin Turnbull's personal belongings; Siva with four arms, a serpent around his neck and legs, standing on a child in front of a circle with flames.
Stone animal sculpture
Stone animal sculpture Well-carved stone sculpture of an animal with four horns, used in a domestic shrine; possibly depicts Nandi the bull, from Hindu mythology.
Stone Ganesh sculpture
Stone Ganesh sculpture Miniature stone sculpture of Ganesh, a well-known representation of divinity in Hinduism.
Wood carving
Wood carving Wooden carving depicting the head of an antelope. Origin Liberia.
Iron statuette
Iron statuette Bearded elongated figure holding a bow and arrow. A container hangs from both his hip and back. Origin Burkina Faso.
Iron statuette
Iron statuette Elongated female figure wearing a headdress and holding a long tool and a container. Origin Burkina Faso.