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Avery Research Center Artifact Collection

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Hide box
Hide box Small piece of metallic mineral encased in a circular hide box. Origin Togo.
Decorated wooden container
Decorated wooden container Wooden container with lid; plant design burned into wood, origin Kenya.
Decorated wooden container
Decorated wooden container Wooden container with lid and two handles; lid has star and heart design, body has two leopards, origin Kenya.
Water bowl
Water bowl Water bowl that appears to be made from a seed pod; dark brown.
Brass bowl
Brass bowl Brass water bowl, origin Varanasi (Benares).
Brass bowl
Brass bowl Brass bowl with lid for carrying holy water; origin Varanasi (Benares).
Metal container
Metal container Metal container for sprinkling rose water; intricate design in black, yellow, and red engravings; origin North India.
Brass container
Brass container Container to hold water or oil, handle has snake at top near the opening, intricate design; origin India.
Wooden container
Wooden container Wooden container or pot that appears to be a mortar; unknown origin.
Clay pot
Clay pot Pottery pot with a narrow neck, shallow grooves decorate front and back, sides decorated with scalloped-type pieces that were added on, reddish-brown in color; unknown origin.
Small wooden pot
Small wooden pot Small wooden pot, crudely done; origin Ik people of Uganda.
Decorated wooden bowl
Decorated wooden bowl Decorated wooden bowl with a lid on top of a stem; container is stained dark brown with two areas of a lighter brown color; origin Uganda.
Gourd container
Gourd container Gourd vessel with a hide cover over its mouth; decorated strip of hide with green, red, and blue beads and seven cowry shells attached to side; string of white, orange, and blue beads attach the cover to the strip of hide; origin Turkana people of Kenya.
Palm wine gourd
Palm wine gourd Gourd bowl for palm wine; a braided leather handle is connected through two holes; origin Mbo people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly Zaire).
Drinking vessel
Drinking vessel Gourd drinking vessel, orange in color with narrow neck and darker areas; origin Karamoja region of Uganda.
Skin bag
Skin bag Skin carrying bag designed like a large pocket book, made to be worn through the arms on a back, straps crisscross on back; origin Mbuti people of the Ituri rainforest.
Skin bag
Skin bag Skin key patch made for sale by inmates of Nairobi prison; brown fur on one side, metal loop and snap for closures.
Water pitcher
Water pitcher From Colin Turnbull's personal belongings; Brass water pitcher with ornate snake handle; main body of pitcher decorated with animals, trees, and a shrine; spout has bird and leaf motif.
Utility basket
Utility basket Large straw utility basket with cover. Origin Liberia.
Powder horn
Powder horn Pirate's powder horn, used to store gunpowder. Engraved on the bottom of the horn is a flower design and the initials "T.Y." Origin unknown.