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The Horace Gilbert Smithy, Jr., M.D. Papers

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Picture of Valvulotome 2
Picture of Valvulotome 2 Picture of valvulotome and heart showing where to make the incision, items identified, ""l. auricular appendage, L. coronary vessel, L. Phrenic n., V. ventricle, Pericardium, Totaling heart to fight by traction on pericardium, Pieura, incision in heart, R. vent., Valvulotome, open, closed"", drawing signed by L. Schlosoberg
Ruff Diagram and Bibliography
Ruff Diagram and Bibliography Ruff diagram could be showing surgical concept, ""Heart Surgery, Bul. N. E. Med. Center 6:49, April '44, Intracardiac Surgery, J. Thor. Surg. 12:566, Aug. '43, Ibid, J. Thor. Surg. II:656, Aug. '42, Heart Surgery, Prec Interst. Post grad. M. A. , North Amer. (1941) pp. 350+ '42
Step One of Partial Mitral Valvulotomy
Step One of Partial Mitral Valvulotomy For paper delivered by Manly Stallworth for Smithy, ""Figure 2 - This figure and the next four figures show the steps of partial mitral Valvulotomy through a transventricular approach. The insert above shows the skin incision. The pleural cavity is entered through the fourth or fifth rib bed depending on the size of the heart. A segment of the costal cartilage above and below the resected rib is removed.""