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Waring Historical Library Artifact Collection

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New Century Tooth-Forms and Swager
New Century Tooth-Forms and Swager 2.5x17.25x7". Dental casting technique: Color/shape guide. "Wooden box set of 1915 New Century tooth forms and Swager including 150 steel forms (incisors. cuspids. bicuspids and molars). Dies were used to form caps and teeth from porcelain. Lid of box no longer attached."
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Lancet Embossed sterling sliver lancet case with two tortoise-shell handled lancets. This form of lancet, comprised of flat edged razor blades, was drawn across the skin to produce bleeding.
Eyeglasses with Chain
Eyeglasses with Chain Metal frames with chain.
Spectacles Metal, yellow glass lenses.
Pince-Nez in Suede Case
Pince-Nez in Suede Case Metal, glass, housed in suede pouch with plastic button.
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Torsion Scales
Torsion Scales 10"x 14"x 8". Drug Compounding. The Torsion balance concept was developed in France, but perfected in the USA and sold under various trade names. Wood base balance with marble slab, metal pans and a glass top. Tags on the front of the scale read "Scientific" The World's Finest Balance and Scale Service" and "The Torsion Balance Co., Style 27, New York, No. 664, Pat. Jan. 6- 85,Jan. 22-89, May 19-91."
Mallet 3.5x19x4. Wood.
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Scarificator Bloodletting: Scarificator. Brass housed in leather box.
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Human Skull
Human Skull A human skull, wired for use in anatomy education. To get a 360 degree view of the skull, place cursor on the skull and then click and drag.
Dental Wall Bracket
Dental Wall Bracket 15 x 40 x 14" Dental Unit. Pelton and Crane 19th century metal dental wall bracket (accordion style) fitted with a milk glass aseptic table with brass rim. Folding metal bracket mounting made it readily moveable to various positions to assist the dentist.
"Pearl Sago" Pharmacy Bottle, G.W. Aimar Pharmacy
"Pearl Sago" Pharmacy Bottle, G.W. Aimar Pharmacy Glass pharmacy bottle, 6 x 1.75 x 1.75"Pearl Sago. Sold by G.W. Aimar, Chemist and Apothecary. Cor, King & Vanderhorst Sts., Opposite the Citadel. Charleston, S.C." Pearl sago is a starch derived from the stem of the Sago palm.
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Mortar and Pestle
Mortar and Pestle 3.5x6.5x6.5. 1.5x8.25x1.25.Drug Compounding:Mortar and pestle."Large wedgewood mortar and pestle. with a wooden handled pestle. Eighteenth century pharmacists changed from using brass mortar and pestles in the compounding of medications because the containers produced tiny flakes of metal in the prescriptions. Josiah Wedgwood produced his mortar in 1779. Wedgwood mortars and wooden pestles became very popular."