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Blood Pressure Determi... (3)
Blood Pressure Determi... (3)
Blood Pressure Determi... (3)
Blood Pressure Determi... (3)
Blood Pressure (3)
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Waring Historical Library Artifact Collection

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Blood Pressure Cuff
Blood Pressure Cuff 3x7x7". Blood pressure determination:Manometer. Blood pressure cuff made of steel with a plastic cover over the dial with rubber cords and bulb intact and attached to a green canvas fabric that can be attached to the arm with velcro.
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Blood Transfusion Kit
Blood Transfusion Kit 2x6.5x3". Blood transfusion:Apparatus. Blood Transfusion kit housed in a brown plastic case with brown velvet lining and containing: a glass syringe. orange rubber tubes. glass vials with tin screw caps (one is chipped)" and five glass attachments.
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Farbstad Haemometer
Farbstad Haemometer 1.5x6.5x3.25". Blood cell count:Hemacytometer. Farbstab-Haemometer. device used to measure blood pressure. made of plastic and glass with paper instructions included. housed in red leather covered wood case with red velvet interior.
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Baumanometer 1.75x14x4". Blood pressure determination:Manometer. Baumanometer. an instrument to measure blood pressure. made of plastic. metal. rubber and glass. housed in oval shapped metal box with release button on the side.
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Hemacytometer 1x7x4". Blood cell count:Hemacytometer. Red leather covered wood case with red velvet interior housing glass tubes. rubber cords. and cover glasses in paper packaging. Exterior of case reads." Spencer Bright Line Hemacytometer "
Infant Foot Warmers
Infant Foot Warmers Physician and hospital supply. Two pair of infant foot warmers. Cotton socks with attached wires.Used to warm the feet of infants to increase blood flow prior to taking a blood sample to assure arterialized blood and accurate information.
Bleeding Bowl
Bleeding Bowl Pewter bowl with straight handle and measurement etchings on the interior. Used to hold the blood of patients during bleeding procedures. 2.5" x 10" x 6". Donated to the Waring Historical Library by Dr. James Watson of Columbia, South Carolina.
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Dr. Bowen's Blood Tonic
Dr. Bowen's Blood Tonic 6.5"x 2"x 2" Glass bottle, cork stopper with paper label with photograph.
Nature's Cure
Nature's Cure Tin canister, gold and red. "The celebrated blood purifier and liver regulator."
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Bleeding Bowl
Bleeding Bowl Bloodletting: Basin. Copper basin with oval-like shape and curved edges. Used to hold the blood of patients during bleeding procedures. 2.5" x 13" x 5.5"
"SCIRT" Pump
"SCIRT" Pump 1.5 x 6.25 x 2.25. Lymphocyte depletion."Pump housed in a green metal case with a clear plastic top and a metal tag that reads."Property of Medical College of SC M17-194" This is the second model of the pump which used to pump lymph from the thoracic duct to the venous system once the duct was cannulated. The pump sensed flow and could regulate itself to pump at the rate of flow without adjustment. It injected heparin into the outflow to prevent clotting and an offsetting drug into the return flow to return the blood to a normal clotting time."
Orlon Grafts
Orlon Grafts 0.75x14x0.75. Blood Vessel Prosthesis. "Two Orlon grafts that were the first seamless fabric prostheses used in arterial transplants. housed in a "Edwards Teflon Arterial Graft" box and made of Teflon. The original Orlon graft was hand loomed in 1955 by J.C. Hubbard. Jr." who at that time was a graduate student in textiles at Clemson."