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Avery Research Center Artifact Collection

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Cocoa bean necklace
Cocoa bean necklace Necklace or toy made with cocoa beans. Origin West Africa.
Seed necklace
Seed necklace Necklace made with gray seeds. Origin West Africa.
Seed necklace with pendant
Seed necklace with pendant Necklace made with brown and gray seeds, a brown tube, and a pendant. Origin West Africa.
Clay bead necklace
Clay bead necklace Necklace made with two tones of brown clay beads. Origin West Africa.
Necklace From Colin Turnbull's personal belongings; a necklace with heart-shaped enclosure and wooden beads.
Beaded necklace
Beaded necklace Part of a necklace with green, red, white, and brown beads, the brown beads irregularly shaped; strung on a string that has unraveled at the end; origin Turkana people of Kenya.
Beaded necklace
Beaded necklace Necklace made of metal beads on a leather strap; origin Dodoth people of Uganda.
Necklace with charms
Necklace with charms Ivory tooth on a gold metal braided necklace with a lion charm signifying the Leo zodiac sign; personal belonging of Joseph Towles.
Cowrie shell necklace
Cowrie shell necklace Cowrie shell necklace, made with brown seeds, green beads, and white shells; main piece in the shape of a triangle with 28 shells; origin Wolof people of Senegal.
Rice and seed bead necklace
Rice and seed bead necklace Necklace made with brown and black rice seeds and beige seed beads. Origin West Africa.
Clay and seed bead necklace
Clay and seed bead necklace Necklace made with brown clay beads and orange seed beads. Origin West Africa.
Seed necklace
Seed necklace Necklace made with brown seeds. Origin West Africa.
Doll Female doll representing a market woman wearing a turquoise gele (headtie), green necklace, and print dress. Made by L. Zena Holcombe in Monrovia, Liberia.
Blacklight poster
Blacklight poster Felt blacklight posters entitled "Pantheress" and "Panther." "Pantheress" depicts an African American woman holding a rifle and handgun, wearing a necklace containing a closed fist. "Panther" depicts an African American man holding an orange rifle.
Donkey bell
Donkey bell Brass donkey bell on multicolored beaded necklace; origin Varanasi (Benares).
Shrine artifacts
Shrine artifacts Objects from Colin Turnbull's personal shrine; four pieces of jewelry: two cowry shell necklaces, one necklace of seed beads, one bracelet of seed beads.
Charm Circular charm with a thin piece of metal soddered to the back to be worn as a charm on a necklace; six-pointed star with a hole in the middle engraved on front; shaped like a gong with a loose part inside that makes noise; back is plain; origin Tuareg or Berber people.