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Avery Research Center Artifact Collection

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Metal container
Metal container Metal container for sprinkling rose water; intricate design in black, yellow, and red engravings; origin North India.
Brass container
Brass container Container to hold water or oil, handle has snake at top near the opening, intricate design; origin India.
Wooden container
Wooden container Wooden container or pot that appears to be a mortar; unknown origin.
Decorated wooden container
Decorated wooden container Wooden container with lid; plant design burned into wood, origin Kenya.
Decorated wooden container
Decorated wooden container Wooden container with lid and two handles; lid has star and heart design, body has two leopards, origin Kenya.
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Sweetgrass purse with hinged lid
Sweetgrass purse with hinged lid Coiled basked made of sweetgrass, pine needle, and bulrush, sewn with palmetto leaf. Domed lid has a knob and is decorated with pine knots. Lid is connected by a hinge on one side and contains a protruding piece that fits into a loop on the other side, securing it when closed.
Brass tops
Brass tops Pair of small brass peacock feather tops for holy oil, some red in decoration; origin India.
Decorated wooden bowl
Decorated wooden bowl Decorated wooden bowl with a lid on top of a stem; container is stained dark brown with two areas of a lighter brown color; origin Uganda.
Gourd container
Gourd container Gourd vessel with a hide cover over its mouth; decorated strip of hide with green, red, and blue beads and seven cowry shells attached to side; string of white, orange, and blue beads attach the cover to the strip of hide; origin Turkana people of Kenya.
Iron statuette
Iron statuette Bearded elongated figure holding a bow and arrow. A container hangs from both his hip and back. Origin Burkina Faso.
Iron statuette
Iron statuette Elongated female figure wearing a headdress and holding a long tool and a container. Origin Burkina Faso.