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Avery Research Center Artifact Collection

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Circular knife
Circular knife Circular knife, believed to be worn on a wrist; blade edge is covered, ends of cover have copper fittings, interior opening has cover with wire decoration; origin Turkana people of Kenya.
Raffia mask
Raffia mask Mask used during the performance of tambuan (or tumbuan) dances. It is woven from raffia and and has a beak, cross-hatched crown, circular eyes, and reeds projecting from circular ear rings. Origin Papua New Guinea.
Wooden figure
Wooden figure Standing female attached to a double circular pedestal. Origin Baule people of Cote d'Ivoire.
Wooden stool
Wooden stool Wooden stool with a base and top joined by four carved vertical supports. Seat contains a circular band of cowrie shells and inlaid ivory. Origin West Africa.
Belly harp
Belly harp Six string belly harp with two sistra (or zistra) attached and a gourd resonator. The gourd has animal skin stretched over it and contains a rectangular opening. The sistra are triangular with circular metal rings that produce noise when shaken. Origin West Africa.
Hide box
Hide box Small piece of metallic mineral encased in a circular hide box. Origin Togo.
Straw bag
Straw bag Circular multicolored raffia bag with closure and long strap. Origin Nigeria.
All-purpose sweetgrass basket
All-purpose sweetgrass basket Circular all-purpose sweetgrass basket with decorative sides; contains alternating rows of pine needle and sweetgrass accented with pine knots; sewn with palmetto leaf; distinctive style is known as the "elephant ear" design.
Sweetgrass rice fanner with wrapped edge
Sweetgrass rice fanner with wrapped edge Circular basket made of sweetgrass and bulrush, sewn with palmetto leaves; traditional fanner basket used for separating rice with little decoration.
Metal bracelet
Metal bracelet Metal wire bracelet with four wires connected by two wider twisted wires and with movable circular wires for decoration; origin Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mbo people.
Iron anklet
Iron anklet Circular iron anklet.
Iron anklet
Iron anklet Circular iron anklet.
Iron anklet
Iron anklet Circular iron anklet.
Iron anklet
Iron anklet Circular iron anklet.
Iron anklet
Iron anklet Circular iron anklet.
Iron anklet
Iron anklet Circular iron anklet.
Iron anklet
Iron anklet Circular iron anklet.
Brass wick holder
Brass wick holder Hindu wick holder for a butter lamp; one circular holder surrounded by five teardrop-shaped holders, serpent-shaped handle; origin North India.
Ebony ashtray
Ebony ashtray Ebony ashtray that is a cross-section of a tree trunk; three grooves for cigarettes, etc., center is circular with grooves; inscribed on bottom: AS_H _GATHON"; origin Uganda.
Doll Carved wooden doll with a circular torso and no arms or legs, wrapped in blue cloth and raffia. Origin Liberia.