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Bridges -- South Carol... (3)

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Photographic Record of the Cooper River Bridge

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vol1_p064 Unnumbered Image (5" x 7"): "Progress at 4 P.M., March 22, 1929. Town Creek Span - Drum Island Viaduct."
vol1_p066 Unnumbered Image (5" x 7"): "Lowering 33 ton, 150 HP Gasoline hoisting engine, under its own power. Town Creek Span. Ridden down by W.E. Omohundro, Sup't., W.S. Patterson, Pusher, and John Shelton, Engineman."
vol1_p067 Image #187 (4.5" x 2.75"): "3-22-29. Looking straight down on engine being lowered. One set of falls, 8 parts, with lead line snatched so lead off of drum is horizontal."; Image #188 (4.5" x 2.75"): " 3-28-29. Lowering the second 150 HP gas. hoisting engine from Town Creek Span. ridden down by Dougherty (Eng'm'n.), Omohundro, Leatherman, and two bridgemen. Note two sets of 5-part falls and lead lines straight up off of the drums. (See 195 & 196)"; Image #189 (4.5" x 2.75"): "3-27-29. Span Traveler A, with double deck, erected on top of deck span #12, at Pier 13."