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Bridges -- South Carol... (4)

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Photographic Record of the Cooper River Bridge

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vol1_p003 Unnumbered Images (7" x 5"): Caption under both photos: "Span Traveler 'A' erecting on the West Approach."
vol1_p004 Image #4 (4.5" x 2.75"): "11-15-28. High Boom! Minimum reach with main falls is about 5 ft. Note the slack backstays. Weight of traveler complete = 122 tons, including 31 ton; 150 HP gas. engine on the upper deck and 60 HP aux. gas hoist on platform below."; Unnumbered Image (5" x 7"): "Span traveler A erecting on the Charleston or West Approach. Rear boom of traveler not yet erected."
vol1_p005 Image #5 (4.5" x 2.75"): "11-15-28. Front view of Span Traveler on the Charleston Approach."; Unnumbered Image (5" x 7"): "Erecting steel viaduct bent at 97 ft. reach."
vol1_p006 Unnumbered Image (5" x 7"): "Unloading girders from R.R. cars and loading onto trucks on top of viaduct, to be pushed out to traveler by an 8 ton gasoline locomotive (extreme left.) Max-load handled = 97 ft. girder weighing 16 tons up 6% grade. Stiffleg derrick S.O. H383 - Capacity 30 tons. 70 ft. boom."; Image #6 (4.5" x 2.75"): "11-15-28. Rear view of Span Traveler on West Appr. 8 ton Vulcan gasoline locomotive in foreground."