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Mitchell King Atlas, 1662-1695

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27. Regni Hungariae, Graeciae, et Moreae ac Regionum
27. Regni Hungariae, Graeciae, et Moreae ac Regionum Map by Justus Danckerts (1635-1701) covers the Danube River from Germany to the Black Sea. Depicts all of the Balkans, Hungary, Romania and parts of Austria, Italy and Germany. The map was apparently printed at the height of the Ottoman wars against the European powers in the late seventeenth century. A table in the lower left depicts the names of cities in the Hungarian kingdom that were lost to the Ottomans and when they were recovered to date. The latest date on the table is 1687. However, according to the table, the recapture of Buda (Budapest) took place in 1686 but an examination of Buda on the map reveals a date of 1688. Other known examples of this map include the recovery of Belgrade (Belgrado) in 1688 in the table although this version of the map does not. It is possible this map was printed immediately before the Siege of Belgrade in 1688 or after 1690 when the city was reclaimed by the Turks (and the subsequent reference to Belgrado in the table may have been expunged). Title cartouche depicts a Christian saint and the Hapsburg eagle. Amsterdam. 52 x 62cm.