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Waring Historical Library Artifact Collection

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Rectal Injector
Rectal Injector To see a 360 degree view of the Rectal Injector, place cursor over image, then click and drag left or right. 10"x 6"x 3", case-10.5"x 4.25"x 3". Irrigation:Syringe:Rectal. Rectal Injector. Used by Confederate Army to give rectal injections. English. Made of steel and brass with a burgundy case.
Nature's Cure
Nature's Cure Tin canister, gold and red. "The celebrated blood purifier and liver regulator."
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Scarificator Tiemann's 12 blade brass scarificator with wooden handle housed in a velvet lined wood box, original paper label on the interior. Manufactured by George Tiemann of New York, patented August 20, 1846. The screw at the top of the head allows for the depth of the cut to be altered and when the screw and trigger are pulled the blades are released. 2" x 7.5" x 2.5"
Thermometer Therm- 0.125 x 4.25 x 0.125. Case- 0.5 x 4.75 x 0.5".Chemical apparatus: Thermometer. Glass and stainless steel mercury thermometer housed in brown stoneware case.
Nasal Bone
Nasal Bone Teaching materials:Models. Wood.
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Carpule Syringe
Carpule Syringe Syringe-0.5 x 5.75 x 2 Injections- 0.25 x 2.5 x 0.25" Injections: Hypodermic syringe: Dental. Steel syringe with stainless steel cartridge needles and two injections in glass vials, including Caroline and Xylocaine.
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Amputation Set
Amputation Set Surgical set:Amputation/general surgery,"Surgical instruments with ivory handles housed in a velvet lined and red painted interior, wooden case with brass accents on the exterior."
Ear Curette
Ear Curette Small stainless steel ear curette with flat round prong at the tip.
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Medical College of South Carolina Skull Pin/Pendant
Medical College of South Carolina Skull Pin/Pendant Silver pin with skull and crossbones and "M.C. of S.C." stamped on the front. Belonged to Dr. Thomas Antley Pitts, II. Housed in a wooden box with Dr. Pitts' silver ID bracelet.
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Nipple Shields
Nipple Shields Shield-1 x 2 x 2" Top of box-0.625 x 2.5 x 2.5" Bottom of box-1.5 x 2.5 x 2." Breast feeding: Nipple shield. Lead nipple shields housed in a red paper box and used for the prevention and cure of sore nipples by placing the shield over the nipple during times of rest. Only one of the two shields is still intact with the remains housed in the original box and the surviving shield displaying loss at the top and sides.
Leech Box
Leech Box Round wood box with "LEECHES" printed along the top.
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Sporting Life Cigarettes
Sporting Life Cigarettes Red and white box containing 3 cigarettes. Cigarettes are stamped "Sold for prevention of disease only".
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Surgical Glasses
Surgical Glasses Plastic, glass, rubber, metal,Velcro housed in foam lined wood box.
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Medicine Bottle
Medicine Bottle Place cursor over image, then click and drag to see a 360 degree view of the bottle. 5.75 x 1.75 x 0.75. Glass bottle, green tint with patina."
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Embalming Fluid
Embalming Fluid Place cursor over image and drag to the left or right to see a 360 degree view of the bottle. Requires Quicktime Player, downloadable here:http://www.apple.com/Quicktime/download/. 8x2.5x2.5". Embalming. White square glass bottle with label and screw top. 8 in. tall with embossed decoration and lettering.
Infant Foot Warmers
Infant Foot Warmers Physician and hospital supply. Two pair of infant foot warmers. Cotton socks with attached wires.Used to warm the feet of infants to increase blood flow prior to taking a blood sample to assure arterialized blood and accurate information.
Bleeding Bowl
Bleeding Bowl Pewter bowl with straight handle and measurement etchings on the interior. Used to hold the blood of patients during bleeding procedures. 2.5" x 10" x 6". Donated to the Waring Historical Library by Dr. James Watson of Columbia, South Carolina.
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Caudal Needle
Caudal Needle needle- 0.125x3x0.125 box- 0.5x5x0.5."Anesthesia. local".Three Continuous caudal anesthesia needles housed in paper box.
Monocular Microscope
Monocular Microscope Microscopy: Microscope: American: Compound
Spectacles Metal, yellow glass lenses.
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