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Waring Historical Library Artifact Collection

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Vaginal Speculum
Vaginal Speculum 1.5"x 5.5"x 2" Stainless steel vaginal speculum ,used for examinations, with flaps that can be widened with the use of the turn screw located on the side.
Vectis 1.5"x11.5"x 2" Steel with oval opening and crosshatched raised ebony handle.
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Enema Pump
Enema Pump 1.5x11x3" Irrigation: Enema. Brass enema pump housed in mahogany case with two ivory pieces and two extra brass pieces.
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Folding Splint
Folding Splint 1.5x13x7" Splints. Wooden folding splint with brass accents.
Breathing Tube
Breathing Tube 1.5x4.2.Anesthesia:Inhalation:Accessories:Tube.Steel breathing tube with several openings to allow the ether vapor to enter.
Non-Breathing Setup with Endotracheal Tube
Non-Breathing Setup with Endotracheal Tube 1.5x50x10". Anesthesia:Inhalation:machine.Non-breathing setup with endotracheal tube made of rubber and palstic with a stainless steel valve.
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Farbstad Haemometer
Farbstad Haemometer 1.5x6.5x3.25". Blood cell count:Hemacytometer. Farbstab-Haemometer. device used to measure blood pressure. made of plastic and glass with paper instructions included. housed in red leather covered wood case with red velvet interior.
Charleston County Medical Society Gavel
Charleston County Medical Society Gavel 1.75 x 10 x 3.25". Commemorative and association items. "Wooden gavel with engraved silver band around the head of the gavel. Engraving reads " Joseph Ioor Waring President Charleston County Medical Society 1960".
Medical Society of South Carolina Gavel
Medical Society of South Carolina Gavel 1.75 x 10 x 3.25". Commemorative and association items. "Wooden gavel with engraved silver band around the head of the gavel. Engraving reads " Joseph I. Waring MD President Medical Society of S.C. 1948 I. Ripon Wilson MD Retiring". Awarded to Dr. Joseph I. Waring (1897-1977) when he was president of the Medical Society of South Carolina in 1948."
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Proctoscope 1.75 x 12.5 x 6" Dilation: Speculum: Rectal: Proctoscope. Stainless steel speculum with two parts. The outer part is shaped like a gun with a handle and a straight cavity where the second part, that is a rod with a rounded end, can be inserted.
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Forceps 1.75 x 6.75 x 3". Grasping and fixating:Forceps. "Steel forceps with satin finish and a gold handle. arms are shapely curved."
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Dissection Set
Dissection Set 1.75 x 8 x 5. Dissection: set."Steel dissecting instruments. some with wood handles. housed in a brown velvet lined wood case. Brass plate missing from exterior. case closure is not working. foreign matter on exterior of case. and staining of interior fabric present."
Placenta Curette
Placenta Curette 1.75 x 9.5 x 1.75" Curettage: Curette: Placental Steel with satin finish curette. The instrument has a slight spiral at the top of the arm and small ridges along the side. 0.5 x 11.5 x 0.5
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Baumanometer 1.75x14x4". Blood pressure determination:Manometer. Baumanometer. an instrument to measure blood pressure. made of plastic. metal. rubber and glass. housed in oval shapped metal box with release button on the side.
Nasal Speculum
Nasal Speculum 1.75x4.75x2. Dilatation: Speculum:Nasal. "Stainless steel. cone-like speculum with raised crosshatched design on the handles."
Speculum 1.75x4.75x2.25. Dilatation: Speculum. Stainless steel clamp like dilator with raised arms and smooth half oval surface.
Rectal Speculum
Rectal Speculum 1.75x6x4. Dilatation:Speculum:"Part of a rectal speculum. Ivory and tubular in shape with a metal handle."
Traveling Dental Set
Traveling Dental Set 10 x 22 x 13.5". Dental case. "Wooden case with multiple velvet lined instrument compartments on either side and a sliding drawer under the main compartment. Edges are bound with silver. Instruments include a mother of pearl handled mirror. scalers. and shears. Some of the original instruments have J. Chevaliers mark. but other instruments have been added over the years. The original Traveling Dental Chevaliers Chest was invented in 1840 by J.D. Chevalier. This particular case was originally owned by Dr. Charleigh Thaddeus Dowling. 1823-1904. who practiced dentistry in the Orangeburg and Barnwell areas of South Carolina and carried the instruments with him as he went from one town to another to care for people's teeth."
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Torsion Scales
Torsion Scales 10"x 14"x 8". Drug Compounding. The Torsion balance concept was developed in France, but perfected in the USA and sold under various trade names. Wood base balance with marble slab, metal pans and a glass top. Tags on the front of the scale read "Scientific" The World's Finest Balance and Scale Service" and "The Torsion Balance Co., Style 27, New York, No. 664, Pat. Jan. 6- 85,Jan. 22-89, May 19-91."
Tr. Digital
Tr. Digital 10.25 x 3.5 x 3" Drug packaging: Container: Jar. Glass square tincture bottle with recessed glass label and glass stopper. Digitalin is a heart medication derived from the Digitalis genus of plants. The use of digitalin dates to 1785, and it is still used today.
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