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Avery Research Center Artifact Collection

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Brass arm ornament
Brass arm ornament An arm bangle with five star points containing metal balls that produce sound when shaken. Origin Liberia.
Brass bell
Brass bell Object from Colin Turnbull's personal shrine; brass bell with chain attached to a figure at the top.
Brass bowl
Brass bowl Brass bowl with lid for carrying holy water; origin Varanasi (Benares).
Brass bowl
Brass bowl Round brass bowl with design engraved around sides.
Brass bowl
Brass bowl Brass water bowl, origin Varanasi (Benares).
Brass bowl
Brass bowl Brass bowl with intricate design engraved around sides; origin Morocco.
Brass bucket
Brass bucket Brass pail with handles on each side; origin Berber people of Morocco.
Brass container
Brass container Container to hold water or oil, handle has snake at top near the opening, intricate design; origin India.
Brass figure
Brass figure Brass figurine of the Hindu goddess Durga standing on decorated platform.
Brass Kettle
Brass Kettle Brass kettle with handle, damaged base; mark on base: "Marque de Pose"; origin Morocco.
Brass Krishna statue
Brass Krishna statue Brass statue of Krishna on a square base; origin Varanasi (Benares).
Brass Krishna statue
Brass Krishna statue Brass statue of Krishna crawling as a child; face and head piece highly stylized.
Brass liquid sprinkler with intricate support
Brass liquid sprinkler with intricate support Intricate brass support with a cupperhood in the shape of a cobra that holds a brass bowl. The bowl has a perforated hole that is used to drip liquid. Original description from Colin Turnbull reads "brass Vvandi bowl support Lingham in clothed Lotus."
Brass Menorah
Brass Menorah Brass menorah, possible origin Ethiopia.
Brass object
Brass object Round piece of metal, probably brass, thought to be part of a brass kettle; origin Morocco.
Brass Radha statue
Brass Radha statue Brass statue of Radha, origin Varanasi (Benares).
Brass spoon
Brass spoon Brass spoon for holy oil; origin Varanasi (Benares).
Brass teapot with tray
Brass teapot with tray Brass teapot with handle; design engraved on lid and around belly of pot; rectangular base with four feet and carved designs; with brass tray that has engraved design; origin Morocco.
Brass tops
Brass tops Pair of small brass peacock feather tops for holy oil, some red in decoration; origin India.
Brass tray
Brass tray Brass tray, design engraved on top; origin Morocco.
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