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Waring Historical Library Artifact Collection

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Mallet 3.5x19x4. Wood.
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Mortar and Pestle
Mortar and Pestle 3.5x6.5x6.5. 1.5x8.25x1.25.Drug Compounding:Mortar and pestle."Large wedgewood mortar and pestle. with a wooden handled pestle. Eighteenth century pharmacists changed from using brass mortar and pestles in the compounding of medications because the containers produced tiny flakes of metal in the prescriptions. Josiah Wedgwood produced his mortar in 1779. Wedgwood mortars and wooden pestles became very popular."
Rectal Speculum
Rectal Speculum 3.5x6x3. Dilatation: Speculum: Rectal. Steel speculum with long oval-like opening on the sides and several raised lines on the handles.
Bullet Trinket
Bullet Trinket 3.75 x 2 x 2" Commemorative and association items. War memorabilia that belonged to Dean Ruth Chamberlain. Along the side reads "18 VERDUN"
Edward S. Burnham Apothecary Medicine Bottle
Edward S. Burnham Apothecary Medicine Bottle 3.75x1.25x0.75".Drug packaging:Container:Bottle. clear glass bottle with patina.
A.W. Eckel Medicine Bottle
A.W. Eckel Medicine Bottle 3.75x1.75x0.75. Drug packaging:Container:Bottle. "Clear glass bottle with no stopper. marked "A.W. Eckel Pharmacist. Charleston. South Carolina" and patina present."
Show Globe
Show Globe 30 x 12 x 12". Interior Design and Furnishings:Show globe. Metal chain holding a clear glass vessel with glass stopper and filled with yellow liquid. Originating in England in the late 1500's, the show globe was used as a symbol of the Apothecary's Shop. It was later used as an advertisement of the American Pharmacy.
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Defibrillator 32 x 23 x 16". Electric stimulation therapy:Machine. Wooden unit on wheels with rubber cords on the interior and buttons and switches on the top portion. The Defibrillator, also referred to as the "Alternating Current External Cardiac Defibrillator" was constructed by Dr. William B. Kouwenhoven to externally defibrillate the heart with electrodes on the intact chest. This prototype was used by Dr. Joseph S. Redding at MUSC within his laboratory for resuscitation studies.
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Examining Table
Examining Table 33.5x58x28". Interior design and furnishings:Furniture, medical. Custom built walnut examining table with iron stirrups, enamel waste tub, 3 side drawers, 3 end drawers, try table pull out. Matching stool, 84.3.3.
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Examining Table
Examining Table 34x58x28". Interior design and furnishings:Furniture, medical. Examining table made of wood with black leather cushioning and iron stirrups. Matching instrument table, #90.9.2.
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Instrument Table
Instrument Table 36x25.5x17.5". Interior design and furnishings:Furniture, medical. Wooden table with the top portion painted black and room for instruments to be placed. Two drawers and a door on the front with a 1" knick to the wood visible. Matching examining table, #90.9.1.
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Castle Sterilizer
Castle Sterilizer 37.5x22x17". Sterilization. Electric castle sterilizer. Made of wood, glass, metal, ceramic, rubber cord, Castle sterilizer.
Aseptic Spittoon
Aseptic Spittoon 38 x 34 x 52"" Dental Unit. Clear ruby red glass liner and white milk glass aseptic spittoon with removable brass rim. Unit is attached to a S.S. White Dental Chair consisting of an iron base with a red velvet seat and wooden foot stool.
Weber Basin
Weber Basin 38.5 x 16 x 16" Dental Unit. Metal Weber basin with a fountain cuspidor that was first produced by John Weber which allowed for water to be flushed away. The outer tank covers an inner tank which holds four gallons of water. A hand pump flushes the milk glass spittoon into a receptacle which can be emptied at a later time.
Master Fishertherm Model 1200 Electro Therapy Machine
Master Fishertherm Model 1200 Electro Therapy Machine 39x24x18". Electric stimulation therapy:Machine. Master Fishertherm Model 1200 Electro Therapy machine, serial #D2-8781 (Floor Model) made of crme colored metal, plastic, and a rubber cord.
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Surgical Set
Surgical Set 3x16.5x7. Surgical set: Amputation/general surgery."Fifteen metal instruments with crosshatched ebony handles. Marked "H.G. Kern. Philadelphia". Housed in red velvet lined mahogany box with small brass inlaid straps and decorative brass corners. Brass identification plate and one instrument, possibly forceps, missing."
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Hemoglobinometer 3x5.5x3.5". Hemoglobinometry. Hemoglobin testing apparatus. housed in a black leather covered wood box with plastic and metal hemoglobinometer with four attachements including. glass slides. Used by Dr. Wilson when he was in medical school.
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Ether Mask
Ether Mask 3x7.5x4.Anesthesia:Inhalation:Inhaler/mask:Mask.Brass ether mask with rotating screw on the side and maker's mark on the handle.
Alcohol Lamp
Alcohol Lamp 3x7x4. Interior design and furnishings:Lighting fixture. Silver lamp of the School of Nursing of the Medical College of the State of South Carolina and Roper Hospital. The silver lamp has an oval like shape with a dual snake handle and an Egyptian bust on the top portion. Item belongs to the College of Nursing.
Blood Pressure Cuff
Blood Pressure Cuff 3x7x7". Blood pressure determination:Manometer. Blood pressure cuff made of steel with a plastic cover over the dial with rubber cords and bulb intact and attached to a green canvas fabric that can be attached to the arm with velcro.
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