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Septima Poinsette Clark Scrapbook, 1919-1983

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Page 031
Page 031 "1919. Neri Clark. Charleston, SC." Navy portrait photo of Neri Clark while serving on U.S.S. Powhatan. Husband of Septima P. Clark.
Page 005b
Page 005b "1948 At the home of Robert and Mamie Fields. S.C. Federation of Women and Girls Clubs" (Clark far right, Fields standing). From scrapbook of Septima P. Clark.
Page 009a
Page 009a "1956. Dismissed from Charleston SC school system for NAACP membership. AKA's gave testimonial." Photo of Septima P. Clark.
Page 005a
Page 005a "August - 1942 Sister and Husband Mr. & Mrs. James Fouse Miamisburg, Ohio to speak at a College" (Clark far right): from scrapbook of Septima P. Clark.
Page 001
Page 001 "Best wishes to Septima Poinsette Clark - Jimmy Carter." Copy of inscribed color photo of Clark shaking hands with Jimmy Carter at Living Legacy Award Luncheon held at the White House Feb. 1979.
Page 022
Page 022 "Brother and Wife. 1965 Christmas Party. Lucille, Peter (bro), Steven, Kevin." Septima P. Clark's brother, Peter Poinsette [Jr.], with wife and children.
Page 054
Page 054 "Charleston, South Carolina. Federated Group - 1972. Marion Bernie Wilkinson Club." Photo of members, Septima Clark included.
Page 010
Page 010 "Directing at Highlander Folk School, Monteagle, Tennessee." Color image of integrated audience at Highlander school. From Septima P. Clark's scrapbook.
Page 141
Page 141 "Dr. Septima Clark Resigns School Board Seat" with image of Dr. Clark.
Page 029c
Page 029c "Granddaughter Yvonne. Born 1952. Age 17." From scrapbook of Septima P. Clark
Page 019
Page 019 "Her Soul Echoes For a Reason." Newspaper article about Septima Clark's autobiography, Echo in My Soul, with photo of Clark. Newspaper article "Graduation Day at Septima Clark Day Care Center."
Page 013
Page 013 "In 1960 Dr. Martin Luther King visited The Citizenship Education Training Center. The purpose of the center was to eliminate illiteracy. The center was located in Liberty County, Georgia. Mrs. [Septima P.] Clark, the woman seated at the head of the table, was the Director of the center." Image shows Clark (woman at head of table), King (far left), Ralph Abernathy (right of Clark), Andrew Young? (far back, left table) and many others.
Page 074e
Page 074e "Integration: Where Are We Now?" by Septima Clark. Published in Ivy Leaf (Winter 1975), a publication related to Clark's sorority, AKA. Page 1.
Page 074f
Page 074f "Integration: Where Are We Now?" by Septima Clark. Published in Ivy Leaf (Winter 1975), a publication related to Clark's sorority, AKA. Page 2.
Page 021
Page 021 "John's Island-- Study of health programs and early childhood deaths." Septima Clark outside with group of women and children on John's Island, South Carolina.
Page 006b
Page 006b "July 1958. Sister - Born 1902. Mrs. Irma Thomas. Hickory, N.C." From scrapbook of Septima P. Clark.
Page 027
Page 027 "Mrs. Davis holding Neri. June 1924." Neri Clark, Jr. son of Septima P. Clark.
Page 023
Page 023 "Mrs. Septima P. Clark was presented the Southern Christian Leadership Conference Community Service Award. The award was presented at a dinner in Indianapolis, Indiana." Photo of Septima Clark talking to unidentified woman at SCLC dinner.
Page 032b
Page 032b "Nerie Clark, Jr. Camp Meeting. 1936 - 12 Years of Age." Son of Neri and Septima Clark.
Page 035b
Page 035b "President Ponder. Benedict College - 1975. Columbia, SC." Commencement ceremony where Septima Clark received an honorary doctorate. President Ponder shaking hands with Clark while handing her a plaque.
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